The idea of a now page came from Derek Sivers. A page I stumbled on while trying to see which web-rings were still active. These aren't exactly goals, but a collection of things/experiences I'm trying to complete. I'll likely update the points with a blog post to show progress.


This spring is a busy time. I am trying to reorient myself to handle the rest of the year. The quarter started strong, then was blown off track by the stings of poverty and burnout. For a few months, I've also had my head in the clouds using romance as a distraction. I've been better about returning to my goals at the end of this season becoming more focused on refining my personal productivity systems to prevent stalling again rather than powering through to complete my goals while neglecting my real responsibilities.

wins: diving into reading again, love, strengthening community ties and a stronger sense of self.

losses: time?

Behind Me.


  • Had the idea for this page.
  • Started exploring individualism vs caring for self as a member of a community.
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